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Where’s Your Debit Discount at the Pump?

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Estimates based on data from leading payment card networks.

New data finds that gas stations are saving $1 billion annually at YOUR expense, thanks to the so-called “Durbin amendment,” which capped what retailers pay to accept debit cards beginning in October 2011.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, nearly 134 billion gallons of gas were sold in 2011, with approximately 48 billion gallons purchased using debit – the type of payment impacted by the Durbin amendment, which reduced rates by about 70 percent for this category.

However, there continues to be no evidence that retailers are passing along savings from this windfall – even at gas stations, where debit is the overwhelmingly most popular form of payment. According to new research by Phoenix Marketing International, half of all non-cash payments for fuel are made with a debit card.

Gas Station Surcharging

It was recently reported that some gas stations in Long Island, New York are charging customers an outrageous $2 or $3 extra PER GALLON just for paying with plastic. See the latest media coverage below about how gas retailers are punishing you at the pump, instead of discounting for debit like you were promised!


Gas Stations Charge More Than $2 Per Gallon Credit Card Fee: Report (Huffington Post | April 24, 2012)
Some NY Gas Stations Adding $2/Gallon Credit Card Fee (Consumerist | April 24, 2012)
Ask Asa: Credit Card Gas Price Outrage (CBS – New York | April 20, 2012)
“Mind-Boggling” Card Fees at the Pump: $2 Per Gallon! (PYMNTS.com | April 26, 2012)
Bill calls for gas station credit-price signs (Newsday | April 25, 2012)


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With Gas at April 12, 2012 Levels
Gallons/Year (2011 US Energy Information Administration) 133,925,778,000
 $/Gallon (Calculated below)  $3.94
 % Debit (Phoenix Report)  36%
 Average Debit Interchange/Gallon Pre-Durbin  $0.0453
 Average Debit Interchange/Gallon Post-Durbin  $0.0157
 Durbin Debit Interchange Savings/Gallon (Pre-Durbin – Post-Durbin)  $0.0295
 Gallons Pumped on Debit Annually (% Debit x Gallons/Year)  48,213,280,080
 Durbin Subsidy (Gallons pumped on Debit x Debit IC Savings/Gallon)  $1,424,186,592
Estimated percentage of debit transaction value at non-exempt financial institutions  78.6%
 Total Durbin Subsidy for Gas Retailers  $1,119,410,662


 Price Per Gallon (AAA website April 12, 2012)
Regular  85.00%  $3.907
Mid-Grade  8.90%  $4.043
Premium  6.10%  $4.174
Average PPG $3.9354

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